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The BBK Cold Air Intake kit completely replaces your 1996-2004 GT mustangs restrictive stock air box and paper filter element with a high flow BBK filter assembly for a noticeable increase in horsepower and acceleration while The BBK Cold Air Intake kit is designed to install easily with basic hand tools.Owo coinflip
Actually, since the 84 draws it's intake air through the hood there is not much of any-thing you can do to increase the cold air intake. Make sure the 2 seals are in good shape and check for any obstructions in the system. Besides that there isn't any change that can easily be done. Now if you want to completely change the hood and filter system you might be able to construct some-thing...but there is nothing pre-made out there that i have heard of.

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Replacing a body panel on your C3 Corvette is a big deal. To make finding that replacement less stressful, Modern Gen Auto has available a large selection of body panels, including spoilers, air dams, Targa bars, window louvers, hoods, vents, front ends, lips, and skirts. We even have entire body sections for your restoration or repair needs.

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There are 13 1984 Chevrolet Camaros for sale today on More listings are added daily. Email alerts available.

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Whether you're looking for an air filter, air intake system, or exhaust system—you'll discover uncompromising quality paired with an eye-catching, show-worthy appearance. Custom-engineered tubes deliver better airflow than you get with a stock intake. More air means better performance.

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Designs and sells aftermarket parts and accessories for your late model LS LSX and LT1 vehicle including performance engine and drivetrain components, custom wheels for the street, track, or drag strip, and aero body kits; specializing in the 2009-15 Cadillac CTS-V, 2014+ C7 Corvette and 2015+ Corvette C7 Z06, 2016+ Cadillac CTS-V, 2016+ Cadillac ATS-V, 2016+ Chevrolet Camaro SS, ZL1, Z28, and ...

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1989 Chevrolet Truck Parts - Cold Air Intake. Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Cold Air Intake & Components for your 1989 Chevrolet Truck. Classic Industries offers 1989 Chevrolet Truck Single Plenum Style Air Intake, 1989 Chevrolet Truck Dual Plenum Style Air Intake and 1989 Chevrolet Truck Fuel Injection Performance Kits.

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These cold air intakes look great too, giving you an edge at your next car show. Choose from popular brands such as SVE, BBK, Airaid, JLT, and K&N for different styles, finishes, and filter types to fit your specific application. Fitment: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003...

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1 day ago · Hello, I made a cold air intake myself from left over parts from my 2005 Honda Civic. It fit good but I used duct tape to hold it to the mass air sensor. I could not fund a cold air intake for my 1987 Corvette. You could try flexible dryer vent hose too that is three inch diameter.

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Jan 08, 2012 · The Corvette had something the Mustang GT didn’t and that was a solenoid controlled ram air induction system that pulled cold air from the area between the rear hood and the windshield and sucked it right into a big hole on the top of the Cross-Fire air filter assembly.

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I bought this 1984 corvette and the heater nor air conditioner blows. 1984 CORVETTE HAS TO BE PRIMED WITH GAS Not rated yet I just got this it has been starting hard when cold Now it will not start at all unless I put just a couple dips of gas in injectors starts great after …

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Here is our new Corvette Gm Restoration 1984 -1996 C4 Rear Quarter Panels these parts are new boxed up and ready to ship. We also have the 1984 C4 Corvette Cross Fire Hood! These Parts are now shipping, we have all the parts that you will ever need for the C4 Corvette generation. Call us today @ 1-800-886-8388

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